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Optimize Images - image optimization is important On seo

Optimize Images , image optimization -There are a lot of ways to bring traffic to the friend's website, one of the ways of image optimization If you put an image on your website, you have very good traffic through the image on your website. Friends, it is very important to have a unit image on your website. Google won't rank your image or that post if you haven't created a unique image.

Optimize Images,image optimizer, image optimization, Optimize the Images, google images

Optimize the Images.

 Friends, it is very important to have an image on our website the image gives a good look to our website our post shows which topic the content of this post or post has been written through the image.

google images, image optimization is important On seo.

 Friends Why image optimization is important you may have understood what image optimization means to optimize the image means to re-customize the image size if you put the image on your site and the size of the image i…

how to keep adsense account safe by technicalgorav

adsense Friends today I'm going to tell you how you'll save your AdSense account friends have made a lot of videos on YouTube on search engine submission in which you are told that your website is crawled by search engine if you do SEARCH engine submission google adsense ,

google adsense disabled

This is true because unless you index your website into a search engine, there will be no traffic from the search engine on your website and you need to make a surgeon submission to bring organic traffic.friends you work very hard to create a website on your blog and you Want to do an Earning with Google AdSense so you don't have to do an activity so I'm going to tell you in this post.

friends how hard you work to optimize your website then you buy the domain you set the level there you write the content number of posts Let's create unique images.

You set up all those keywords on your website by doing keyword research you take care of algorithms that no algorithm is puttin…


Hello friends in technicalgorav welcome you on your own website

 Friends today I'm going to tell you how you'll see what's the problem on your website due to which your website isn't ranked guys I want to tell you how good SEO you are doing on-page are off-page SEO ok



If you think my website is absolutely good and should rank it but still can't, I would like to give you the advice to go to Google and type Google Speed Checker and search by going to the first website you see on the first page, click on you to see a search bar there Will.


Friends in this search bar you have to paste the home URL of your website, then you have to analyze click now it will start to show you the flaws in your website in a few seconds. You look carefully you will be looking at the number in a round of circular there, it's telling your website hundred how much it's okay…

Meta tags, brings traffic to the website itself

Hello guys. Today I'm going to tell you about the very important activity called meta tag, friends have created a website on your blogger you will know how important it is to apply a metatag but some people don't know how to apply a meta tag to the blog.

Friends you are also a blogger like me you want to bring traffic to your website if you want to make earning from your website, you can be aware of what can happen to you when you publish your website and there is no traffic on your website,

 I know because I have also made a mistake. Worked very hard but just I didn't put the meta tag on my website and whenever I did an seo work on my website, there were two traffic on my website but later the number of visitors that are viewed on our website was zero,

friends I was very upset. Because I didn't know what meta tag is, I thought i had a description, meta description, etc. on my website, but friends I want to tell you what metatech is what you have to do with the name …

android notification icon generator - PUSH NOTIFICATION BELL ICON

android notification icon generator- friends, I welcome technicalgorav on your website today I am going to tell you how you will put up a notification bell icon and then understand why it is important to think that it is very special for us that we work very hard to bring traffic to the website. When we do what we do on-page off-page SEO, visitors come to us somewhere friends are a great task for us because if no visitor will visit our website.

android notification icon generator .

android notification icon generator

- So on our website, we need to put up a friend notification bell icon that doesn't get any benefit. Whenever the old user is online, he gets a notification of your new post it is the advantage of it, friends, it is not everyone who has a notification bell icon if you are a new blogger, you need to put this notification bull icon, friends I am going to tell you that you are going to have a notification. How to place notification bell icons on your blog or on a WordPress…


Hello, friends in technicalgorav  welcome you friends on your own post whenever we do the website, the biggest task is to write good content so much as you write the content so quickly it comes to surfing friends.

 create quality content , original content


 I told in the previous post that you bring traffic. What to do for friends in this post today I will tell you that you can easily find a post in which quality content you can click friends it takes us a long time to create quality content and original content but come after reading this post P 2000 - 5000 Ward content will be able to write comfortably in 2 to 4 minutes-

I am not telling you here that you copy someone's post then modify it then go to the website like a spin boot and check it.

 then come to the content checker and check how many cents our post is unique I am not telling you any trick here which causes you to have a problem in the future -

Friends, there's a lot of vid…

web 2.0 sites list

web 2.0 sites list Hello, friends, I am technicalgorav welcome you only friends on this website today we will learn through this post that web 2.0 submission why it is necessary to do it what are its advantages friends if you have not yet done web 2.0 submission.

web 2.0 sites list

web 2.0 sites list

web 2.0 sites list

So I would advise you to go to my Youtube channel there I have created algorithm video as much as I have made algorithm video you go there to see them if you have done on-page SEO on your website when you have worked on the website, go unknowingly somewhere.

You have not had any activity so that you are not putting any penalty on Google or any search engine on your website you have to understand whether the work you have done is justified or not the according to friends of Google algorithms I can google growth here so you are saying I'm sure the algorithm is valid to all search engines if you prepare your website according to Alwar Dum.

you are likely to have traffic …