AMAZON AFFILIATE Friends are our topic today. How to earn online by AMAZON AFFILIATE if you also want to. So read this article completely. If you have good traffic on your web site, then I believe that you will not have any problem in earning online. You can earn more than GOOGLE ADSENSE with revenue in marketing AMAZON AFFILIATE. Let us start the process.

AMAZON AFFILIATE- First, you have to go to www.amazon.com, after that, you have to click on CTRL + F, then you will see a search bar in which you have to search by typing Become An AFFILIATE. Now you click on Become An AFFILIATE, now you have to click on log in. Now you will see a login window in which you have to click on CREATE YOUR AMAZON ACCOUNT.

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How to Make Amazon Associates Account SEE MY VIDEO CLICK HERE - CLICK

 After creating ACCOUNT you need to click on JOIN Now FREE after confirming with OTP from EMAIL

 Now you have to enter your information in Amazon Associates Account page like PAY-NAME, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, State, Province or Region, ZIP or Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, then you will not get in next step Who is the main contact for this account? Two options will appear below this, out of which you have to select the FIRST OPTION.

 In which The payee listed above is written. Then click on NEXT. Now you are on the NEXT page.

On this page, you have to add the URL of WEBSITE or the URL of YOUTUBE CHENNAI and if you have a mobile APP to ADD to it.

In the NEXT PAGE, you have to write your name in STOR Associates ID. Then you have to enter the URL of WEBSITE or the URL of YOUTUBE CHENNAI in NEXT PAGE. The URL of the SITE you have entered in NEXTSTEP. Write a brief description of it.

 In NEXTSTEP you have to do TOPIC SELECT of your SITE. And next, you have to select which type is SELECT. Then you will be asked where is the traffic coming to you. He has to tell you. Utilize in NEXT how income will be on site.

The answer is to select yourself. From my side, you have to select E / COMMERCE. In NEXT-STEP, you have to select 3RD party AFFILIATE NETWORK. Then you have to select MANUALY VIA TEXT EDITOR. Then tell you how many VISITORs come to your site. He has to tell. Then you have to select NEXT-STEP, MONETIZE my site.

Then tell you how to find out about this AFFILIATE NETWORK, you can also select  ONLINE SEARCH. After this, you fill the captcha. In CONTRACT TERMS, you have to accept the terms, but you have to click on FINISH after YES. 

In NEXT-PAGE, you will see your name with CONGRATS. And now you have to click on the button below PAYMENT INFORMATION. After giving PAN number and other information, you will be paid only after 1000 rupees.

Now you are ready to earn online from AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING. Now you have to search the product in the search bar. And the link is shared ONLINE EARN. Hope you get enough information from me.

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