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Off Page Seo Friends are our topic today. what is Off-Page Seo | Off Page Seo 2020? In the previous post, we will learn about OFFPAGE SEO in this post about ONPAGE SEO. Friends, many of you get into the process of making BACKLINK, do COMMENT POSTING indiscriminately. You do not have to do this. You have to do off-page SEO by creating a plan [plan] by doing your MIND SETUP. You have to do regular OFF PAGE SEO. And how to do that. I will tell you to step by step.

what is Off-Page Seo | Off Page Seo 2020.

You have to start with Search Engine Submission. You have to search all the search engines one by one like - Yandex.ru Baidu, AOL.com, Ask.com, Yahoo, Bing, Google.com and there are other search engines in which you have to submit a menu. First Root Domin example-www.starglamours.com home page URL is called Root Domin.

 After submitting all search engines. All URLs of the post have to be submitted by going to the Search Engine. Directory Submission There are two types of FREE Directory Submission and PAID Directory Submission when you start to rank your link or site with Directory Submission. Directory submission is required for fast ranking. Directory Submission also provides HIGH backlink. You have to SUBMISSION you in a SAFE way. If you take SHORTCUT and SUBMISSION in a different way, you will read a negative effect on SITE and your site will never rank. So you work carefully and honestly.

OFF PAGE SEO Article Submission You do it. You search High Pr Article Submission LIST in Search Engine because the site where you are writing BEAUTIFUL article diligently. The page must be RANK HIGH. Another advantage of this is that your site will get High-Quality Backlink and the Search Engine will be INDEX immediately. Due to which TRAFFIC you will start visiting the site more than expected.

 Blog Commenting You have to go to the blogs related to your subject. And go to the comment box of that blog and write a compliment to Jam. Also, you have to submit your own site link in the option given below.

 Whenever the site's Honor or Arthur will read the praise you have made. Then it will publish immediately. And your site visitor will also come to your site from there. the top benefit is that the Authority, DA, PA, Traffic Quality Backlink is also available for free.

Guest Posting Now you go to the Guest Posting site and put the main keywords internal link in the post on which you wrote a good unique post for that site. Remember, only the author will publish a unique post. DA, PA, Traffic, Backlink will also be available from this guest posting.

Web 2.0 Submission Let's know what Web 2.0 Submission is. When you reach the Web 2.0 Submission sites, after signup you to log in, you have to create a blog by going to create a blog in their platform. With this, you get an Instant Domine Authority D A.

Social networking Sites In this, you have to go to all the social networking sites and create an account and share the link by creating a community and from this, you get NOFOLLOW - BACKLINK. DOFOLLOW BACKLINK was available only on GOOGLE PLUS.

 Question and Answer Sites You have to go to the Question and Answer Sites. And to link all. Even more, traffic will be diverted to your site.

Off Page Seo
off page seo

If you do off page SEO in the manner I have been told, then within a month, you will get a lot of traffic on your site.

NOTE - You do not have to do more than 10 -12 Blog Commenting daily. You have to use the same EMAIL ID in all submissions. READ MORE

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