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How to create a website blog- Hello friends, your friend Technical Gorav is sharing his experience with all of you. Today's topic is s.e.o ie what is search engine optimization, today we will know how to use it. create a website 

how to create a website for free  - technicalgorav

And what does this work for. When we optimize our website according to the search engine's algorithms. It has a number of activities. Our site is ranked after performing those activities. We call it search engine optimization [SEO].

How to create a website.

How to create a website, blog, website.
How to create a website


search engine optimization - search engine optimization is a promotional method. Through which we can grow our business [business] through the website. How do I tell There are two main steps in search engine optimization on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

 create a website  First, we know about ONPAGE optimization.

 In ONPAGE optimization, we create a blog or WEBSITE. If you create a blog, you need an EMAIL ID. The blog is a FREE product of Google. It is very easy to use it, I am going to tell you to step by step. You should read the entire article carefully. You have to start this way.

You have to go to the GOOGLE search engine ie GOOGLE.COM. Then type Blogger.com TYPE in SEARCH BAAR and click on the button of SEARCH.

Now you have to go to BLOGGER and login with EMAIL ID. Then you have to click on BUTTEN to CREATE YOUR BLOG. Now you have a new page Now you have to type the name of your blog on the display name. And click on the continue TO BLOGGER button.

CREATE NEW BLOG - Then you have to click on the CREATE NEW BLOG button. Then a window will open in front of you. In it you have to CREATE TITLE-ADDRESS and THEAM all three.

In TITLE you have to type the name of the blog. Then in ADDRESS, you have to type the name of the blog. For example - Technical Gorav as soon as you enter the name of the blog, then you will get BLOGSPOT.COM [SUB DOMAIN] from GOOGLE. I will be ADD with.

We can also change this name later, Keep in mind your BLOG ADDRESS should be UNIQUE. People are now using Blogger. So it becomes difficult to get UNIQE ADDRESS. You can also use numbers in it.Now you want to show THEAM i.e. your site, select them like that. Click on the CREATE blog.

 A new page will open. In which you will see many options. You have to click on the new post. Now a page will open in front of you, in which you will find TITLE, LABELS, PERMALINk, LOCATION, image. As OPTIONS will appear, there is also the option of DESCRIPTION. To bring it up, you have to click on the BLOGGER on the left.

Now you are back on the main page. Now you have to click on SETTING. Click on SEARCH PREFERENCES. Now you have to click on EDIT next to Description. Then enable search description to you? OPTION of Yes No will appear, click on YES and click on SAVE CHANGES. Have to save OPTION Now you go to the page of the post and REFRESH the page Description OPTION will come.

Come, TITLE, LABELS, image, PERMALINk, LOCATION, Description. Let's know how to love it.

TITLE - should not be more than 70 words.

post - The first paragraph of the post should be small, not too big. In the first paragraph, the focus keyword should be a beginning and a middle and last focus keyword. Keep in mind the post should have more than 300 words. While writing the post, do not give much space in the post. Do not keep too much gap. Do not write focus keywords in red-blue color.

image - You have to put the title and keywords comma [,] in the post title and properties in the caption in the image.

LABEL - The subject of your post is called LABEL. Mathematics is the main word in the whole book of mathematics subject. Similarly, you should select the label of your post and use it as ok.

PERMALINk - In PERMALINk you have to use [-] between the focus keywords.

LOCATION - You must have guessed it. In which country do you want to show your post. You can choose that country.

In Description - Description, you should write a short description of 150 to 170 words with a focus keyword which should not be too big.read more

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