How to rank you tube video and get traffic

rank you tube video on the first page of google, Friends, as you read in the title, you got 100k visiter. So, friends, it is not impossible. But there is also no easy thing like making Maggi that we started coming from TRAFFIC or VISITER today rank you tube video.           

rank youtube video Friends, today I am going to tell you about the most important thing. If you are a YouTuber or Blogger. So it is very important for you to have confidence and passion.

how to rank you tube video

submit your you tube channel, How to rank you tube videos on the first page of google.

you tube video submit your you tube channel | GET 100k Visiter

Now let's talk about issues. If you want more and more TRAFFIC or VISITER on your YOUTUBE Chennai then you have to upload a video from work to work on YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
How to rank you tube video and get traffick
rank you tube video

1.FACEBOOK After this you have to make FACEBOOK PAGE. And in it, all friends have to INVITE all of them from the INVITE list. More videos to be posted daily.

2. TUMBLR You have to log in to SIGNUP by going to TUMBLR. Now you have come to the HOME PAGE of TUMBLR. Now you have to click on ICON of a pan. Now you have to enter the title in which you have kept the title on YouTube. After this paste the description of your channel in the post. Link the URL of YOUTUBE CHENNAl to your Focus KEYWORD.

The benefit from this will be that if the user of TUMBLER clicks on the Focus KEYWORD that you have linked, then your keyword starts to be ranked. With this, you get NO FOLLOW BACKLINK.

3. Viral chop Now you have to go to viral chop and click on SUBMIT. You will get a form below and you have to fill it and you have to click on the submitted post. CLICK HERE TO GO TO DIRECT VIRALCHOP SUBMIT FORM.

4. Xaniatube Now you can go to www.xaniatube.com, register and not fill your information and go to HOMEPAGE to select any topic and upload the video.

5 .Sharree After this, go to https://sharree.com/ and fill your SIGNUP FORM and upload your video. You will find amazing TRAFFIC on your channel.

6. QUORA is the place to understand the world better and the best place is https://www.quora.com/. Have to provide your link in response.
submit your youtube channel | GET 100k Visiter.

You don't need to make a submission to YouTube's URL anywhere by visiting any site if your content has quality if your videos have the quality you are giving correct and perfect knowledge in it, YouTube will rank your videos

You have to understand that your visitor is your YouTube video. Whether he's liking your videos or not friends youtube doesn't matter subscriber in the eyes of YouTube youTube matters how much watch time is on your video.

 How long does the audience watch your video friends if your video is seen to be complete by your visitor Her chances are increased to come in the recommended videos.

Straight Talk friends If YouTube feels that your user and your watch time is low if a person comes to your website and does not see your video open, your video is not perfect according to YouTube algorithms.

 youtube videos YouTube algorithm that I understand a little bit has confirmed that your video sends the YouTube algorithm to the audience only if it has a great performance of your video if the visitor feels good to watch your new video twice to watch your video.

For I mean to say that your old visitor second time comes to your video so YouTube understands that you are fine according to youtube algorithms many friends who are on YouTube do something else in the video and make thumbnails something else friends make it an invalid. Activity is not to do the activity.

Keep in mind and if you don't make voiceover in videos and you come out and make videos, the audience's confidence is built on you if your visitors believe in you, they will definitely come to your video and you will also believe in you and traffic comes on your YouTube video.

 On friends I will tell you some platform that you should go to General Lee and submit your YouTube video I will say the same thing to you if your video has quality is the truth, nobody can stop you from having success on YouTube.

My advice - friends if you write a description on YouTube videos, you should keep in mind that you explain in the description what is the purpose of your video, don't think of putting more and more keywords there and when you tag, you just keep the Focus keyword, you don't put too many keywords. Because if you put all the keywords.

 the Spiders of YouTube does not understand what is the mutual subject of your YouTube video, which is why your Videos list does not show your video in the video list of the topic you have created on YouTube.  I hope you'll have a good post. 

I tell you my thoughts on my website here, my experience. Provide help to you guys- thanks for giving so much time on my post. youtube videos.
I have brought all the necessary information to you in this post. Now you can ask me any information or question in the COMMENT box. OK.READ MORE.

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