error - breadcrumbs error - Breadcrumb problem solved -

error - breadcrumbs error Hello, friends, I am technical gorav you are going to solve a problem today that every blogger has to face, there are many videos for this problem in which someone has told you to write the level without space, but an error when giving me space.

If you also want to fix breadcrumbs error, you have to follow a process you have to simple only when we open our webmaster tool Friends Webmaster Tool

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We have a show on our website if there is a problem, it is shown on the master in the Webmaster tool. We see some kind of disturbance on our website today, a problem called breadcrumbs error, I am going to tell you the solution today.

Breadcrumbs error - Breadcrumb problem solved 

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 Simple friends it is that Gmail is going to go to our blogger by login to blogger the dashboard we see when we go to the theme section we have to go to the theme section as soon as we go to the theme section, we see the customized and edit HTML button we click edit HTML When clicking, we see the full coding of our website this coding is of your website.

Now we have to click over the coding and press the Control f button so that a search will come out there when the search bar arrives we have to search vocabulary.org wherever there is vocabulary.org, the automatic will take this yellow mark so that you vocabulary.org wherever you are written. will be taken over.

Now you have to go to the place you vocabulary.org and replace you with schema.org keep in mind vocabulary.org you have to replace the entire sentence with #

 Now you have to come and refresh the webmaster tool one thing to keep in mind if you don't have a label on the post, you'll still have to show the breadcrumbs error you have to see if the label is labeled or not.

 Now you have to index the URL on the Webmaster tool on which breadcrumbs error was coming, you can fix the hands as soon as you make an index or it may take 24 48 hours.

If you have not been able to read my post to understand how to fix this breadcrumbs error and you have not understood, I will tell you this process in detail through the video I have shared the video on my channel technical gorav that you post this video. At the end of the view.

now you may have understood how to fix this breadcrumbs error if you have any problem in fixing this breadcrumbs error, I have given WhatsApp number in the description of the video you send me a screenshot of the problem. you must contact me on WhatsApp if you have a problem with SEO related.read-more

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