search engine submission sites - Advantages of Search Engine Submission 2020.  -Hello,  friends through this post you have the most important SEO activity that you do after ON-PAGE SEO when we DO OFF PAGE SEO. So you should do it at the beginning. And my experience is also very important. You must have heard the name of Search Engine Submission.

search engine submission site.

search engine submission site,

search engine submission site.

Search Engine Submission submits to your WEBSITE search engine, which submits the root domine of your WEBSITE to all Search Engine, from which search Engine crawlers crawl your site. Different countries all over the world have different Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, ASR, ExactSeek, GigaBlast, SonicRun, EntireWeb, SimilarSites, Jayde these are the famous search engines that are used in most.

The main advantages of Search Engine Submission.
When you submit your own site to all search engines, you have the search engine in the country on your site that starts to get traffic from you. Why if your site is submitted, the user of the user searches for a relationship with your site, so your site is the show. And traffic comes to your site. If you are from India, you will know if your post is on traffic. UK America, if you get good CPC, i.e. you will show ads on the post if any us. If you click on your post from UK America, you'll have good earnings because it's high on keywords pay. 

Understand that the people of India, Pakistan, seem to be unmounted on their ads. her companion us. The bid from UK America. There is an earning, why there is a 1 rupee of Rs. 75. So if you have to make an income, you need to make Search Engine Submission. So let's start with the LINK of Search Engine Submission.

see the youtube video click here - click 

Search Engine Submission Sites

Now you have to go one by one on all these sites. And submit with caution. Start off PAGE SEO from Search Engine Submission. Thanks for giving time to the post.

  blogger templates { SEO } Theme 2020

blogger templates { SEO } Themblogger templates How to upload a template to a blog - - friend today in this post, my topic is how to make How to upload a template to a blog and blog look like a beautiful website through Template.

 It will be very easy to know about it in detail. You do not need any HTML coding knowledge for this. So let's know How to upload a template to a blog - For this, you just need to do as I am told.

To start uploading the template to a blog, first of all, you have to login in blogger by email. Then you have to click on THEAM in Blogger's Dashboard.

How to upload a template to a blog -

 Now you have come to the MAIN PAGE of goyaabi templates by clicking on the search FIRS link by writing gooyaabi templates in NEW WINDO. Now you see three buttons in this. RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES - FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATES - SEO READY TEMPLATES Click on any of these.

Now you are on a new page. In this, you get lots of TEMPLATES. like:-






 Of these, you have to go to the TEMPLATE and click on LiveView to see how your site look is going to be.

Then you have to go back and save the Template by clicking on the Download button. Now you have to try on the page with THEAM in Blogger's Dashboard. Now you have to click on BACKUP / RESTOR in RIGH side up.

You are not selected on TEMPLATE. You see the template as an ACTUAL FILE. You have to right-click with the mouse and click on the actress HERE. Have to open an open file near FILE.

If the coding is visible then it has to be copied and going to EDIT HTML, DELETING all the coding and paste the coding, and if the XML written file is seen then select it and upload it.

Now your TEMPLATE upload means that your site's look has changed successfully. I have also uploaded VIDEO in my YOUTUBE CHANNEL on this subject. How to apply the template in the video is told, you see it.e 2020