what is seo Today I really want to ask you if you know about SEO if you don't know if you know how to read this post in full if you have a little too much knowledge, you will read this post and understand what the reality is in search engines Optimization is a part of SEO digital marketing, a little understanding of what digital marketing is, digital marketing has a lot of activity like -

what is seo

Display advertising Web banner advertising Frame ad (traditional banner) Pop-ups/pop-unders Floating ad Expanding ad News Feed Ads

what is seo Example- If you see it on TV, there are advertisements, it is also a part of digital marketing, even though email marketing, digital marketing is also done by S.m.s on the phone now you may have known what digital marketing is now talking about SEO, SEO's main task is to bring visitors to your website at no expense or put it in easy terms.

what is seo increasing the number of visitors to your website digital marketing generates leads on your business digital marketing delivers the features you are giving to people.  because it is believed that if a product appears four to five times a day of a person and when it comes to buying.

what is seo  it misses the product the main task of digital marketing is to reach your services to customers so that the customer trades you. get attracted to and customers provide you with the price using your features.

I want to tell you that whenever you do that, there is a question in your mind about how long it will take for good traffic to come to our website, I want to tell you that on your site when you are like this, you have more than 45 days. If you work honestly.

 you will get a result in 45 to 50 days, all of you keep searching for how to bring traffic to the website I want to tell you if you work in the right way, natural traffic will come to your site.

Search engine optimization is a process in which we optimize our website with a lot of activity in search engines that have a lot of activity. The countless activity has the main two parts on-page SEO or off-page SEO -on-page SEO i we do the algorithm's according website.

 We note that the policy of our site search engine or say we have terms and conditions should follow when we save on them in which we select the domain in which the team selects and writes the content. Increase off-post keywords write descriptions write titles.

 Labour puts meta description sit URLs we connect our website to the webmaster tool We write long containers that cause our posts to have more keywords in our posts. Rank posts that you can do the algorithm in the on-page SEO through Watts...

Now after the on-page is off-page S EO, we submit our website to all search engines the search engine operation is called search engine operation if you are doing off-page SEO, first of all, keep in mind that you have search engine optimization. If you submit your website to a search engine, traffic to your site is good. I would ask you to submit your post URL as many posts as you have written and see if you will find more traffic on it after some time.

Keep in mind - You need to submit all post URLs to all search engines when you make search engine submissions

After search engine optimization, you will be able to make directory submissions directory submission scan your site you can find from whichever country you want traffic from the targeted country, it is very important to have a directory submission to bring traffic from the targeted country. For I would consider it appropriate to give you an example, suppose you have gone somewhere outside, you have gone somewhere else,

you need a doctor where you get a phone directory near the phone in the country where you are staying in the hotel, you can remove the doctor's number and contact them. You can have a phone directory to join the doctor, so the directory submission is done to connect your website and audience, now you may have understood why the director's mission is done, the directory submission can bring you traffic wherever you want.

You can also do social media marketing with directory submission And you use social media sites like Create Facebook pages on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, quera, Tumblr you create your account sign up there share your posts on the social media site give us an audience and I believe we also get mouth publicity.

If you have not put the notification code on the website if you have not put the notification code on the website, then if a user visitor comes to your site and OK on the notification, the next post will be your public that will show it on the Gmail of the person who will be Once someone comes to your site and if it refreshes And if he presses the bell icon he will remain your forever visitor.

Google has just updated its Blogger dashboard in which.

what is seo

-Identify content gaps online with Question Hub- to sign up google in mutual google wants help from you how you can help Google simple on the dashboard which

Identify content gaps online with Question Hub you need to sign up on signing up you have to log in to your Gmail then you have to select the insulated category from your website there.

then Google will give some queries there similar to the category that is the question that is its answer. L is not in the close google wants you to answer your knowledge that you have given in the block if you know the answers to these queries I mean you have answered them in your post, you can reply here from the URL of your post. A video I've also created how you have to sign up how you have to delete the account how to give you an answer click on the video to watch the video thank you.

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