Images optimization - image optimization is important On seo

Images optimization -There are a lot of ways to bring traffic to the friend's website, one of the ways of image optimization If you put an image on your website, you have very good traffic through the image on your website. Friends, it is very important to have a unit image on your website. Google won't rank your image or that post if you haven't created a unique image.

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Images optimization

Optimize the Images.

 Images optimization Friends, it is very important to have an image on our website the image gives a good look to our website our post shows which topic the content of this post or post has been written through the image.

Images optimization google images, image optimization is important On seo.

Images optimization Friends Why image optimization is important you may have understood what image optimization means to optimize the image means to re-customize the image size if you put the image on your site and the size of the image if it is high, our Website Carlo Time increases low time increase can cause you a lot of damage friends the biggest loss is that your bounce rate increases, which makes you unable to find a unique visitor and you will know as if you watched my post or my videos.

Images optimization if you watched If you have a higher bounce rate of your website, ctr does not become high ctr becomes high due to which if you have put Adsense ads on your website, your account becomes disabled friends I have created a post in which I have made you. Explain what activity you don't have to do that causes your account to become disabled.

image optimization is important On SEO

Images optimization Friends now come to the point of the issue I want to tell you that if you want to put the image on your website, you have to do it by yourself if you download from Google and crop it or resize it on your website.

Images optimization Google understands that you have downloaded this image and The image is not unique which causes a problem in your website ranking friends you have to create images the best one website they canva in my eyes friends as you know I am a Youtube i make all the thumbnails of all my videos from canva and my this I have created all the images on the website from canva friends you will find more such websites from where you can do the image, so you can do the same images by yourself, right friends.

Images optimization If you like the image on someone's website and you want to put that image on your website, you can apply it at all, but for that you have to take care of the name [url] of the website on your website as if I download an image from Pinterest and it's your If I put a crop on the website,

Images optimization I write via and link it in front of the image, the website from which I have downloaded the image is not to deceive the friend's search engine, but the search engine knows that you have not stolen this image and you download it from there. Put on your website and you have also told that I have taken it from there, you have to keep in mind that if you take it from somewhere and you use it, you must give a link to that website on your website post.

Images optimization The way I write posts for you in friends the way I make videos for you takes a lot of effort and I want you to give accurate knowledge to all of you who are visitors to my website and my Youtube channel I know you if for the first time on my website. Come or watch my video, you come again and again and you always get accurate and accurate knowledge

Images optimization Friends I've seen many blogs and don't put images on your website you must apply images and apply images as well as take titles in the property and apply all the keywords you've placed in the post of the website as you put keywords there The blogger's image is quickly frank edit would be noted that you must put captions there are many BLOGGER who do not caption captions in captions you give the title or you must put the post that you have the focus keyword there.

Images optimization Friends if you put images on your website, you give a unique image and the keywords give good, the image also gives you good traffic, I would like to tell you there is a pinterest website on which millions of daily visitors come if your beauty health Fitness-related website so you should use Pinterest comes a fantastic trophy from Pinterest.

Images optimization Friends Why it is important to do image optimization you must read this post and you may have understood the size of the image you are putting in your post as small or normal if you keep XL or X_large, it will take time for you to load the meaning when your post is open. To make the website absolutely lightweight when your website becomes lightweight and you do it off-page in the right way, you have more traffic in your less effort, so I hope friends you'll have my post good, you're very special to me... Thank you. read more

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