UNIQUE CONTENT ,Hello, friends in technicalgorav welcome you friends on your own post whenever we do the website, the biggest task is to write good content so much as you write the content so quickly it comes to surfing friends.

original content UNIQUE CONTENT ,I told in the previous post that you bring traffic. What to do for friends in this post today I will tell you that you can easily find a post in which quality content you can click friends it takes us a long time to create quality content and original content but come after reading this post P 2000 - 5000 Ward content will be able to write comfortably in 2 to 4 minutes-


UNIQUE CONTENT ,I am not telling you here that you copy someone's post then modify it then go to the website like a spin boot and check it.then come to the content checker and check how many cents our post is unique I am not telling you any trick here which causes you to have a problem in the future -

Friends, there's a lot of videos on YouTube that tell you a trick to write a big content friend if you want to reach your website to people I mean you want to bring traffic to your website, don't use any tool or any tricks I'll tell you through this post how you'll just speak up to your post which will also be original and unique.

Friends If you haven't written a post on your website before reading this post yet, you've copied and pasted someone's post, delete that post now.

Now you will have to carefully write this post to friends the way I have written this post carefully understand friends whenever we open our Gmail account, we have to click on the dot that we see near our photo on the right side, then open a pop-up window and scroll down there and click on DOt.

After you click on the plus sign, you will open a blank page where you see a lot of options above the blank page in which you will see the OPTION OF TOOLS click on it.

There you get the voice typing option, click there as soon as you click on it, you have the option to select the language above the mic sign, carefully check it as soon as you click on it.

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You should keep in mind that if your laptop or COMPUTER has a mic, the trick will work if you don't have a mic in your system or laptop, you can purchase from the market and you also do your post with voice typing like me.

You can write 4 posts here as long as you write a post, so easily friends write the full article of this post, so you can also write. By voice, because the most tiring work is to post in which we have to write a container with speed the more traffic that comes to the website, the more traffic is written on the highest load mind.

Friends I have also told this process through video. You can also understand the whole process by looking at this video and at the end.

 I will give the video you will be easy to understand the whole process the video is in the Hindi language.

if you don't understand the Hindi language, you read this post full then watch the video you will understand the whole process, then meet thanks friends in next post to give my precious time on this post -

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