How to keep adsense account safe by technicalgorav

 Adsense Friends today I'm going to tell you how you'll save your AdSense account friends have made a lot of videos on YouTube on search engine submission in which you are told that your website is crawled by search engine if you do SEARCH engine submission google Adsense.

How to keep adsense account safe , ADSENSE DISABLE, ADSENSE.

how to keep AdSense account safe

Google Adsense disabled

This is true because unless you index your website into a search engine, there will be no traffic from the search engine on your website and you need to make a surgeon submission to bring organic traffic. friends, you work very hard to create a website on your blog and you Want to do an Earning with Google AdSense so you don't have to do an activity so I'm going to tell you in this post.

friends how hard you work to optimize your website then you buy the domain you set the level there you write the content number of posts Let's create unique images.

You set up all those keywords on your website by doing keyword research you take care of algorithms that no algorithm is putting a penalty on everyone's website.  Our website has to adapt to the rules created by algorithms and we still have to take great care when we make submissions.

Whoever is using Gray Hate S EO. They have a lot of problems bringing traffic and grey hate SEO has not yet come up with an algorithm that will put you penalty but in the future maybe 2 years later or tomorrow there is an algorithm that starts applying penalty over the website,

you should carefully visit your website. Work as friends I told you how to save Adsense.

If you have taken AdSense approval and you do a search engine submission to bring traffic, there is no harm, but you keep in mind that you have to make a one-by-one submission, you don't go to any website where you get multiple search engine submission facilities.

Friends about 2 months ago I took AdSense approval on my website and then I started earning some of my own, but I got a mistake I went to a website there to make a submission on all search engine submissions only once we would give URLs and titles and descriptions there. Friends as soon as I did SUBMISSION there,

1 hour later, I received an E-mail that your AdSense account has been disabled because of invalid activity.

 friends I submitted my website only on that day, which has confirmed to me that it has been confirmed on this website. If anyone comes and makes a submission and has taken AdSense approval,

their AdSense approval will be disabled because Google has just been very strict that is used to disable our AdSense ADS for the first 1 month or 15 days.

But now it is permanently disabling and it has become very difficult to get Adsense approval as on date friends if you are using AdSense, you must keep the CTR of your website because when the CTR high happens.

 we are at an increased risk of AdSense disabled. That you people work on two websites do not put the heart on a website and you work your website URL anywhere on the website do not put your heart on a website and you should not share the URL of your website anywhere, not your friends from your family member, you are also on an app like WhatsApp.

Do not share the URL of the website you just have to DO OFF-PAGE SEO which has more than 100 activity you first have the speed check of your website karnal if your website load time is high, you should go to Google Google Speed Checker search which is the first website. Go to it paste your URL

there you have to keep in mind that you can also search there from the home URL and you can understand all the post URLs of your website one by one, you can understand through the URL that I have to improve in this post, friends you keep in mind there.

 But your font size should be normal and the images are being put in the size of the small, you have to take care of all the algorithms you should have the knowledge of what ALGORITHMS penalty on, friends it is not a big deal to bring traffic to the website.

 but the people who have it. Traffic is not coming, it is a great thing for them, friends, whenever you sit down to do this, you have to create a fusion to do an activity that brings traffic to your website.

 Friends, if you understand why traffic is not coming to your website, as I have told you in the post itself, how can you go to the speed checker and understand what is the problem on your website, if you resolve the problems of the website, I will be pleading that you will then be off =PAGE SEO, hope you'll have my post good thanks.

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