android notification bell icon generator 2020

android notification bell icon generator- friends, I welcome technicalgorav on your website today I am going to tell you how you will put up a notification bell icon and then understand why it is important to think that it is very special for us that we work very hard to bring traffic to the website. When we do what we do on-page off-page SEO, visitors come to us somewhere friends are a great task for us because if no visitor will visit our website.

android notification bell icon generator.

android notification bell icon generator - So on our website, we need to put up a friend notification bell icon that doesn't get any benefit. Whenever the old user is online, he gets a notification of your new post it is the advantage of it, friends, it is not everyone who has a notification bell icon if you are a new blogger, you need to put this notification bull icon, friends I am going to tell you that you are going to have a notification. How to place notification bell icons on your blog or on a WordPress site.
android notification icon generator You have to open a simple Google Chrome search bar of Google Chrome I have to search you one signal you have to go there onesignal.com there you have to sign up and sign up you by email or by Facebook or you can also sign up by giving you email password and company name.

android notification bell icon generator
android notification bell icon generator.

android notification bell icon generator As soon as you sign up you get to its dashboard now you look at the dashboard you will see a search bar wherein which you have to enter the name of your app and website now you have to select the platform you have to select apple iOS Options like Google Android, or web-push will be seen there you have to click on web-push if you have an app, you can also select Apple or Google Android

Next, click next page you have to select a WordPress plugin and website blogger by going to choose integration.

In the second step, you have to set up the site means that you can also label the site name, site URL, and icon there where you want to show the URL there, then you have to do a level. Below the next app, you will see the Mission Promote setup you don't have to feel anything in this 3 number column. android notification icon generator

-In the fourth column, you have to give the title which will show the title on your notification, then your message there now you will see on the side what notifications you will look like on mobile when your site is open on Android Windows and macOS, you can see the style of notification there. hey! stop that!

 Now you have to go to the last and click on save as soon as you click above then you get a pop-up notification for a confirmation on which you click on the content, then you see HTML coding there that coding you head to WordPress or you go to people's HTML. In the section, you will see that the code is written above the court to apply this code under or with the head.android notification icon generator.

Friends explain this whole process through video on my Youtube channel now you will be watching the video of my process below if you understand the Hindi language, you can watch this video carefully.

You don't understand the Hindi language if you understand English, you have to complete this article and then you will understand the whole process you see my video friends you watch the video you look good,

you will definitely like and serve me and tell me in the comment box what you do you do. The problem is coming from your website I will definitely give you the effect of that problem I have also given my WhatsApp number in many videos of my channel you can also question me by texting there you give me a screenshot of a problem there, so at the earliest, you have that. I will tell you to thank you for the water that is saved from the problem.

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