Meta tags brings traffic to the website itself.

 Meta tags Hello guys. Today I'm going to tell you about the very important activity called meta tag, friends have created a website on your blogger you will know how important it is to apply a metatag but some people don't know how to apply a meta tag to the blog.
Friends you are also a blogger like me you want to bring traffic to your website if you want to make earning from your website, you can be aware of what can happen to you when you publish your website and there is no traffic on your website,

 I know because I have also made a mistake. Worked very hard but just I didn't put the meta tag on my website and whenever I did an seo work on my website, there were two traffic on my website but later the number of visitors that are viewed on our website was zero,

friends I was very upset. Because I didn't know what meta tag is, I thought i had a description, meta description, etc. on my website, but friends I want to tell you what metatech is what you have to do with the name of the website mybloggertricks.com.

You have to scroll down to the mybloggertricks.com you will see at the bottom you will see the meta tag generator tool written-below that you will see the action written in front of it, you have to give a description of your website there and then you have to give the keyword at the bottom. The option is visible there to give to the keywords of your website.

Meta tags brings traffic to the website itself,  Meta tag, META TAGS,

 then you see there will be an AUTHOR option where you can give your name or even leave it empty. I would say there you name your website and then you will see the ROBOTS and you will let all change. Don't do.

Then you have to click on the Meta tag above a column there, as soon as you click there, you'll see a coding that html coding has to go to the HTML of the site and apply it after HEAD WORD.

Meta tags brings traffic to the website itself

Now you have to come to your blogger's dashboard where you have to click on the theme as soon as you click on the theme where you get the option of edit HTML where you click there- as soon as you click on edit HTML, you see the coding of the website now you head there. If you don't see where the section is where you are not looking,

you will be open a search bar by pressing Control F where you type head and click search you will see wherever HEAd is written, the yellow color mark will be there now you have to copy the code that we have to go to the mybloggertricks.com. Did

You have to paste that HTML coding over there now you click on the save theme now you have to click on the view blog you see your website is open like there will be a pop up notification-

So friends it was a small process to put meta tags on your website friends meta tag on your website so all search engines are Google Yahoo Bing etc. All search engine crawlers know about your website what is the topic of your website keywords of your website what is it? what do you say? what is the matter?.

So that the search engine presents your website to your user you may have understood why it is necessary to put it on the meta tag website if you want to see the whole process through video, you can also go to my channel Technicalgorav and understand through video.

My mother tongue is Hindi the reason all my videos are made in Hindi language you don't know Hindi read this post which is in English and you can also understand the whole process through video will give the video at the end of this post in thank you.

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