website PROBLEM Hello friends in technical gorav welcome you on your own website Friends today I'm going to tell you how you'll see what's the problem on your website due to which your website isn't ranked guys I want to tell you how good SEO you are doing on-page are off-page SEO ok.



If you think my website is absolutely good and should rank it but still can't, I would like to give you the advice to go to Google and type Google Speed Checker and search by going to the first website you see on the first page, click on you to see a search bar there Will.


Friends in this search bar you have to paste the home URL of your website, then you have to analyze click now it will start to show you the flaws in your website in a few seconds. You look carefully you will be looking at the number in a round of circular there, it's telling your website hundred how much it's ok.

Then you'll be looking at your website there, you'll be seeing a dash of red yellow and green colors, you'll be looking 0_49 in front of the red, you'll be showing 50-89 points in front of the yellow, 90-100 points in front of the green.

If your website points are within those 49, you need to improve if you see a number between 50-89 when you click analyze pay on your website, you don't need to worry too much. Showing points between 90-100, you have to be sure of your website because the performance of your website is going to get you better.

If your website is under 49, you need to improve if you have the number you do when you search in the search bar.

You'll see all the points that are coming in point red color, especially by improving your websites to rank in all search engines as many new bloggers who have created a new website or have been on their website sit-in but traffic is not coming. Can't find out what I'm doing or what I haven't done because of which traffic is not coming to my website.

Friends how this article will tell you, I would like to assure you that if you check your website here on the Google Speed Checker website here you check its speed, you will know what is your website's time friends website if it gives more time to load So the visitor to your website doesn't even allow your website to load up in full and goes to another website.

This increases the bounce rate of your website and makes your website's CTR high, which makes your Adsense disabled friends many of my blogger friends who have aids disabled are wrong in the wrong way that they are clicking their know-how invalid sofa. If you have also been a victim of this misunderstanding on advertising, you must tell me in the comments box friends we have to reduce our website's time to make it absolutely lightweight.

The search engine itself will serve your website to the user so that you will have organic traffic and the GOOGLE ADS  on your website will also have more CPC, your website will index well in all search engines and all search engine crawlers will crawl your website and more and more You are making a huge mistake if you ignore this post of mine.

I would like to give you an advice that you must go to all the young teams of your website and analyze there so that you will know what is the problem in each of your posts. Your website increases the fonts in the post or the word you have to keep normal if you are treated, your website increases the time you have to keep in mind that you don't use any color words in the post you've written.

Many new bloggers or mistakes that to make their website posts beautiful, blue rate green writes the word of the post from this type of color that is against Google's algorithm you have to keep in mind that the image you are putting should not be copied on your website. To apply a unique image.

I would like to give you another advice that you download any image from Google and recharge it and do not use it by visiting a website like Canwa to create a unique image for yourself.

Friends how hard you work I can understand if you are unable to bring traffic to your website, I can understand what you feel, so I have come up with this post for you I have also created a YouTube channel you want to search on YouTube technicalgorav you have me there too Can understand.

Thank you

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