media net txt setting by technical gorav

media.net If you're earning media.net ads, the post is going to be very important for you to read this post to the end Friends as you may have noticed on deshbord you will be seeing the ads txt setting button on your deshbord you will be seeing the new button on which you are being indicated by media dot net whether there is any information for you here or not you have to do any activity after clicking here means friends have updated some settings for you here. which you need to do

media net txt setting, media.net , txt setting.

media.net Friends media.net we are being in indicated to follow a process to update your account with your publisher such as you and those we are

media.net Friends I want to tell you that whenever you click on ads txt setting, you see the domain and status there.

media.net Then you see a refresh butten will have a button of gate code in it when you click on it, you see some website names and numbers there. Friends this number you have to put on your website you have to copy that clipboard or download it is your choice if you are using blogger, you copy it.

media net txt setting by technical gorav 

media.net Now you have to get to your blogger's dashboard then you have to click settings after clicking Settings you have to click on the Search Preference button now you will scroll down, you can get you down below monetization.
Custom ads.txt will be visible there click yes and paste and save the code on the column below

media.net If you use WordPress you have to download that code and on WordPress's dashboard you have to go to settings and you have to go to ads.txt and paste this code there [uploud]. and save

media.net Friends, if you've been bothering for a long time, you're also having a topic about your media.net earning, yet you're not getting income, one of the main reasons may be that your account in this post I've not made you say settings if you're done, you have the chances of getting your earning graph up.

media.net Friends, I had been ignoring this process for quite some time but I saw that saying the traffic I have is coming to my website means that I am not able to get the traffic coming on my website.

media.net Here is one thing to note that whenever you copy that code, complete if a single word is missed, your status will be seen there, you have to put the correct code there, after which you will see your optimism as you know, I have a European also, in the name of technical gorav, i have to do this process through video. You can also go there and see the name search you will have a video presenting

media.net The advice you want to give friends because you gave so much time to read my entire post friends if you are not having traffic, you go to bing webmaster and add all your URLs you will see as much as you enter the URL of the post where you will have instant traffic where 10 20 30 traffic is coming to you, here you will be able to bring at least 100-300 when you enter 10 posts.

media.net Google is better than AdSense because there is no risk of account disabled you try to get the full traffic on your website from abroad

media.net is a very good choice of online earnings.

media.net There are certain conditions as your website should be in English if your content is not in English, you do not get approval here and traffic to your website must come from us UK  Country

media.net Friends if your website algorithm is according to your website, your website gets help to rank because all of the search engines have their own algorithms and all algorithms are the same because of which our website seems to be a penalty and our website goes down and does not come into surfing our hard work goes water again you need to have knowledge of ....bite if you are. If there are more people, i hope friends you have my post, good friends, you have a question if you have any questions, you must ask me in the comment box I will definitely reply to you in a span of 24 hours thank you thank you.

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