How set href Language [ International Targeting Language ] to blog

href Language Friends If you're also a blogger or you've also created a website whether it's on WordPress or Blogger and you do its search engine optimization [ON PAGE SEO] - [OFF PAGE EO] This post is going to be very important and profitable for you.

Friends your website is you want to bring traffic from the selected area selected country for you, you do the search engine optimization you follow a lot of tricks, but it is very difficult to bring traffic from the targeted country, suppose you want traffic from a country like us, Uk, but friends as you have the title WHAT IS href Language About 95% of bloggers don't know.

What is href Language or International Targeting Language?


href Language friends whenever you go to your webmaster tool, you get the option to select the country by visiting legacy TOOL and REPORT, but there is an option of language where the error is mentioned, most of the experts and we do not pay attention to it and we understand that we will now get traffic from this country, friends who are error. href lan is about it today you will learn through this post.

href Language Friends you have to tell webmaster TOOL and all the search engines that your website language is friends about 95% of people on Google don't know how to put their website language coding in the webmaster tool.

href Language  Friends, I have a site from which I have posted some posts I am not doing any seo of it, yet it was coming with 50+ traffic but since I have inserted language coding on my website through the webmaster tool, my traffic there has increased to 150+ automatic.

href Language This means that if you also put language coding on your website, all search engines like Google, yahoo, the entire web, bing, Baidu, etc. When crawlers of all these search engines crawl on your website, understand what the language of this website is.

href Language If your website's language search engine is understood, your WEBSITES language shows your website from any corner of the world, your website is present in front of the language you select wherever it is spoken, which causes traffic to your website.

href Language If someone sees your website, they understand the language in which they are written inside this website, but the bots of the search engine understand your website through coding.

href Language Friends you have to keep in mind that where you are # you have to remove the # url of your website which we also call home URL also known as root domain in technical language to put it there.

Example - <link rel="alternate" hreflang="*" href="#" />

href Language  Where else is the * felt There you have to remove that * of your language code such as ENGLISH [EN] Just like you use shortcode your website pages are in different languages So you have to use this word x-default instead of this*

Example - <link rel="alternate" hreflang="LANGUAGE" href="website" />

href Language  Use this coding and if each of your posts in your website has different languages each of your posts targets different languages and different countries, you have to put the code on your website as you've been giving examples here.

Example - <link rel="alternate" hreflang=" x-default" href="website" />

href Language I've got a lot of posts in my watch a lot of YouTube videos Apply country codes with language CODE [-] but I would ask you not to do so Because we have the option to select the country on the International Targeting page within the webmaster tool, you select your country there in the targeted country and if you want the Manri website to be a global rank.

 So you don't have to select any country where you have to select UNLISTED here you will take 24 to 48 hours when this court is active.href Language This means that the language you see on error WEBMASTER TOOL will be removed in 24 to 48 hours and you will also have the traffic coming from the targeted country and your EARNING will be quite good.

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