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WEBSITE TRAFFIC Friends today I'm going to tell you about a website that's related to Google's website[WEBSITE TRAFFIc] that most bloggers don't know about this website was launched by Google in 2005 and then updated in 2011 and its name has also been changed - WEBSITE TRAFFIc.

 So through that site you can use your website's TOPIC Your  Subject Of Your CONTENT Your URL Your Title Of Your Description Through this website, Google gets complete information about your website through this website.

Let me tell you that the website has traffic of 6.18 million about this website Here I want to tell you the website we are talking about. None of its AD campaigns are running, saying that PAD promotions don't only have pad traffic zero.

That is what I want to say. Ask you if you visit such a website Where is traffic million I And you get a few cents from there even if you bring traffic to your website So your website will also seem to rank.

  How to get traffic on the website - IGHOME

Traffic by  country - IGHOME

The United States 77.10%

The United Kingdom 4.30%

Germany 4.13%

Canada 3.63%

Belgium 1.54%

This figure is from the website I told you about Now I'm going to tell you about that website which is how you have to sign up How do you process the whole there, I am now going to tell you in detail.

You have to visit Google's search bar and here you have to type ighome search for more Now you will have some result SHOW You have to go to the first number link As soon as you get to www.ighome.com's home page.
Friends, you have to create your account here You will be looking there to see you there. You can click on the Create N account to sign up there via email. You have now logged in to the dashboard of this website You may see a lot of blocks here, so do the blocks we have to create for our website Let us know how to build.

You'll be seeing add rss feed on the right side upwards Click on it As soon as you click A new window is open there Now you have to paste the URL there again You need to add a new and add the WEBSITES URL.

Now you will see where you were getting the option to add RSS feed the same is the one you see another option add gadgets you have to click on it.

As soon as you click add gadgets A new page opens in front of you Before I tell you about this page, I want to tell you that here you can also add gadgets through your URL.and HTML can also bring traffic via JavaScript.

Friends, when you come to this page, you will see some options on the right side here, the last option where you have written here create your OWN GADGET to click on it.

Now you will see two options here, you can add links or add links or html/html. Can also fetch traffic via JAVASCRIPT.



Now if you select the URL option So you now have to click on ADD IT NOW there Now you've arrived on the main page of IGHOME again See here you are getting the option to add URLs and titles to the first block There you have to go to add the URL of your website that posts that this URL is Paste its title and then SAVE.

 Now friends have been added to this website, both URLs and gadgets on your website Now you have to add all the URLs on your website here Keep in mind if you also write a new post, here you have to add via URL and HTML.

Very important thing - you have to tell me through the comment box whether you have increased traffic after submitting it to this website here.

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