How to get a click able title in web page

 title.Guys today I'm going to tell you about the title Friends make our website or video if we are on Youtube Titles are very important for the website. Thumbnails for as much as you put videos on YouTube Guys here I'm going to tell you about the title you'll make the title.

Friends, the better you write content Description writes images labels the more you create a URL, the better you have to create a title Because whenever a user comes to Google, searches on Google's search bar What is SEO, for example, you have some result shows in front of him in between 1 and 10 He clicks anyone doesn't necessarily have to click on the same website on which the first number is coming .And it's not necessarily the tenth fifth one that's coming up on the website that's coming. The user clicks on the title that makes him feel great.

How to create a clickable title

Friends, here I'm telling you a process that hardly anyone has told to create clickable titles. I was recently looking at a website. He understood the functions that are labeled How this website might benefit us from what works If I was watching, I had the option to generate the topic there. Meaning this website was making a topic there, what topic should you write on the post?

But there I see the best title. If we put these titles on our website, you will be full of traffic as much as it should come from a good title. You'll know if you're a blogger that makes a post, some percents come from traffic titles and some percents of traffic come from our content, some come from the percent description some percents also come from our image Today we are talking about the title in this post, if the title is your best, it must be clicked on.

All you have to do now is to search google thehoth.com you have to go to this web site so there you see the get started and sign in option now you can sign up and login here.

Now you've come to its main dashboard now you'll be seeing some labels here You have to click on the tools As soon as you click on the tool There is a window open which we call the popup window now you have to scroll down there you will see the blog Generator topic click on it .

Now you'll get to see a new page Here you write to all lines of your post which are the main keywords one by one And then click the generate ideas headline there now you scroll down You see about 10 titles here You have to select which line you'll create your title.

How to select a title.

You need to copy one of the 10 lines you see here Now you have to paste google's search bar in the next window After paste you'll see a few seconds and a few numbers under the search bar here you know how much the search for this title is in a few seconds Now, many of you maybe thinking that the result is being written here, that is, this result is being given here. Friends, I want to tell you here that based on the search that comes on Google, it tells the result.

You have to be here by yourself Select a more search title and put on your post Like friends, I told you there are some 10 results that are coming before you. And make one of these titles and try the rest of the line to make you use it in your container as well

You think that one of these lines should also be put into the description.

So you can also put it in the description, you do it and let me know in the comments box. You need to have old posts you've written.
Suppose you wrote a post that is also 1000 words and today you are writing the post that is now 1000 words You see you'll have more views in that post and in this post. read more

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