Friends you also use your blog or website to sit on your system when So you have a fusion of what I should do to bring my website traffic quickly You guys share the URL of their website on Insta on Facebook or if someone on a social media site.

Through which a little bit of traffic comes in. Friends on this blog of mine you will find out about this website on which if you make a submission.


If you give the URL of your website there, you get traffic from there The website you're going to address through this post in Friends is in traffic millions of more than 3 million.

 Friends The traffic that is coming from this website is coming organically This website has not paid any marketing No ad campaigns run  In this website, you can add posts and URLs of your website in two ways.

Process 1

First, you have to go across Google's search to type bloglovin and click on the search button now you have to click the link bloglovin.com there.

Now the dashboard of this website will be open to you There you will get the option to login and sign up You'll need to submit your full name email and password there when you click Sign Up by clicking the Sign-Up button there As soon as you sign up, you'll get to the main page from its login page.

 Now you'll see a button from the new post near the search bar there You have to click there and you'll have a page open where you have to give the title Just below that is to give the post And below that you have to put the image Now when you click on the post above, you will have a popup window open where you have to search for the main keyword or subject of this post. As soon as you search for your subject, the subject gets a tag and then you can click on the post below The title description and image you submitted has been added to this website with the tag of your subject.

Process 2

Now you have bloglovin.com come back to this website home page Here you will see a search time and click on it You'll see when the popup is open So below you will see add a blog written You have to click here as soon as you click here, you have a window in front of you. that requires adding your website's home URL Here's how all posts on your website appear through your home URL You're here through your url when you add your website A follow button is also visible there If a visitor comes to see your website and follow you So here's how your audience attachment increases.

 You'll need to note that your website URL starts with https If your website is from http, here you won't be able to add your website Like friends I told you that this website has more than 3 million traffic.

If you add your website URL to such a website And from here, if you have traffic, it comes very good And also comes in large quantities Always upset and worried to bring traffic but I will keep telling you through my YouTube channel and this website How to submit where and how you do.

If you want to understand this whole process in Hindi, I will add the video below and you can easily understand it thank you.

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