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Friends today I feel very happy to introduce myself to you Because about six years ago, I had no qualifications with which someone could introduce themselves.

I'm not educated much in The reason I felt very small in myself One day my friend had to interview In a company,He didn't have a BIKE to go there I took him on my BIKE and his interview was going on I've had a little boredom there I went out to go out and I noticed that outside the front office digital MARKETING TRENNING's BORD wrote.

I went there I was there who had the HR there He told them, "Look, I want to train here but I have no knowledge of computers." I haven't even done a basic course Can I learn digital marketing here He said if you want to learn, you can learn at all He also said that we will train you well and teach you well.

I told them if you could show me the CLASSroom where training is given I told them because I had a fear of how I would be able to learn how I could learn, I don't even come to English properly.I was so nervous I wanted to end her fears.Then she took me to that CLASSROOM And after meeting him, he introduced him to the SIR. I came to believe and I joined that course there Friends Today I feel proud in myself that I am a digital marketing expert And I can teach DIGITAL marketing to you today And crest am also I run my tutorial on Youtube My channel name is Technical GORAV my website WWW.TECHNICALGORAV.COM In this WEBSITE I have written my own experiences at some point I want you to read it and also read my next ebook I share my experience here thank you

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